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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"...Bedioui, who was born in Tunis, is certainly a versatile vocalist. She easily manages radical shifts between styles and gives every song the same heartfelt earnestness..."

''...Open yourself to the music, and you will hear a singer who can do just about everything with her voice: hit and caress; tell, pray and shout; seduce and lure..."                                                                           

26 October 2021 :


New video :  Lamia Bedioui - Canti di Sardegna_Live

                                                         (Official video 2021)

E V E N T S​



March 9, 2024

Lamia Bedioui  " Canti di Sardegna " 

Dieleusis , Multi-venue

Athens , Greece



February 24 , 2024

1001Nights ," Asaada " , The last night .

Folk Tales House

Athens , Greece



February 17 , 2024

Lamia Bedioui  " Canti di Sardegna " 

Jazzét Music Hall

Athens , Greece

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