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El mar music : Loukia Konstantatou , lyrics : Cecilia Joyce

1. Sea


Sti filaki Traditional from Asia Minor

2. In jail


Lo guarracino Traditional from Naples , Italy

3.  Coracino


A la srir ennoum Old song from Tunisia c.1920 

4. In his arm


Mau marideia Traditional from Marseilles , France

5. The hapless wife


I pirati a Palermu Song from Sicilia , Italy

6. The pirates in Palermo , music : Rosa Balistreri , lyrics : Ignazio Buttita


Yia kalbi Traditional from Algeria

7. Intro  8. My heart


Kato stou valtou Traditional from Greece

9. Down at the swamp


Gerineldo Sephardic romance

10. Gerineldo 


Ana radhik Old song from Tunisia c.1920

11. Tell me, coquette 


Salouni aalache Traditional from Morocco

12. Intro 13.The wedding


To oniro music : Lamia Bedioui , text : Lamia Bedioui

14. The dream



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