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A journey around the Mediterranean , 

the Inner sea of the Greeks , the Mare Nostrum of the Romans ,

the Bahr El Abiadh of the Arabs

"...I planted an orange tree when i went to jail..."


...The Infanta, the knight, the garden, the palace, the silken slippers, a forbidden meeting. 

The king's sword. The sea

...the sea, desert, swamp, jail, fire, pirates, ravaged countryside, the battle, fish madness.

Ya kalbi khali. The heart's patience.


Fragmentary words of tales. Stories that turn into songs. Melodies that narrate.A gleaming orange tree.

Athamra, fruit of the dream.


A journey in time and space with songs and improvisations,

together with new compositions, based on the musical tradition around the Mediterranean. 


The repertoire embraces songs from Arabic countries (Tunisia , Algeria , Morocco ,…) 

as well as Spain , South France , South Italy , Greece , …



Lamia Bedioui :  Singing , Narration


Giorgos Vournas :  Oud , Guitar,  Kaval (Flute) ,

                                       Mandolin , Ney , Vocals


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