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voice - percussion - didjeridoo

“... Fin’amor is a medieval expression used by the troubadours of the 12th and the 13thCentury, meaning ideal or Perfect love. This concept means a constant desire and search for the Ideal and that is Art: a promised Land, an Utopia, a Lost Paradise...” 


“...Memories of sacred earth, of fragrance, of ritual, a trace of breath..."




Lamia Bedioui accompanied by Solis Barki on percussion, 

convey  the pulse of her motherland, North Africa,

with a unique  concert, full of rhythms  and soundscapes...

Songs around the world, (Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen,

Palestine, Spain, France,...) from the 13th century until the 20th century.

A concert for percussion and voice, open to improvisation .



Lamia Bedioui : Voice


Solis Barki : Frame drums, Derbouka, Talking drums, Didgeridoo, Berimbau, Cymbals, Daouli, Bongos,Castanuellas, Jew's harp, Wood block, Glockenspiel, Kazoo,Plastic tube …


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