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Love stories of the Arabic world

"...I knocked the door of the gardener and called : 

Oh, gardener! The roses made me open

and the orange blossoms embraced me.

But the white jasmine did not want to speak to me."


There is an entire world of art and creativity with a focus on love in the Arabic culture that is based the holy texts of Islam. 

The Koran calls upon the faithful to devote themselves to the works of the flesh. 

This is why there is a significant volume of literature on love written with great subtlety, lexical richness and of a poetic flavour,

that developed throughout a millennium beginning in the 6th century and up to the 17th century. 

It is a literature with many facets that includes romantic love, desire, the sexual act, rules of hygiene, the preparation of love potions and perfumes

and recipes for aphrodisiacs. All of these are included in erotic tales and poems. 




The erotic stories of the Arabic world narrate and celebrate the pleasure of the senses and desire. 

Stories in which women are not subjects awaiting the arrival of a male,

but are active, full of cunning and always seeking a transcendence to the frontiers of rapture. 


The narrative is accompanied by Arabic songs and music. 












Lamia Bedioui :  Narration , Song


Loukia Konstantatou :  Kanun 




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